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“Fowl gwen fat, ‘im begin fram him toe”

Translation: If a fowl is going to be fat, he begins at his toe

Meaning: A person’s adult characteristics are formed in childhood

“When service ova, de church door shut”

Translation: When the service is over, the church door is shut

Meaning: Typical of people that lavished all they have on others, and when the money is finished, everyone leaves them

“Cow ded him lef’ trouble gi cow-skin”

Translation: When a cow dies, he leaves trouble for the cow skin

Meaning: Make sure that you take care of your personal business before you die, so that those you leave behind are not inconvenienced

“Learn fi dance a yaad before yu dance abraad”

Translation: Learn to dance at home before you dance abroad

Meaning: Make sure you know what you are doing before you expose it to others

“When bull foot bruk, ‘im nyam wid monkey'”

Translation: When a bull’s foot is broken, he will eat with a monkey

Meaning: When misfortune overtakes strong people, they will live with persons that they consider their inferiors

“Play fool fi ketch wise”

Translation: Act foolishly to catch the wise

Meaning: To feign ignorance to one’s own benefit

“Ebry jackass sey ‘im cubby ah race hass”

Translation: Every jackass says his cub is a racehorse

Meaning: Parents always think that their children are destined for greatness

“When cloud shadder come, sun no set”

Translation: When the cloud casts a shadow, the sun has not set

Meaning: Even in dark moments, all is not lost as there is still hope for better times

“When chicken tie up cockroach want explanation”

Translation: When a chicken is tied up the cockroach wants an explanation

Meaning: When something doesn’t look right one will become suspicious

“‘T’ank yuh’ nuh buy ‘alf bit bread”

Translation: ‘Thank You’ can’t buy a half bit’s (approx 4.5 pence) worth of bread

Meaning: Applied to one who expresses obligation for a service instead of paying for it