human choroinic gonadotropin

“Beg wata cyaan bwile cow ‘kin”

Translation: Begged water cannot boil cow skin

Meaning: You can’t beg enough water in which to boil cow skin, so you need look for some for yourself

“Belly full, pitata ave ‘kin”

Translation: When one’s belly is full, potato has skin

Meaning: In times of plenty, people are selective; When we are not in need we find fault with common things

“If yuh cuss Johncrow, peel-head turkey wi bex”

Translation: If you curse John-Crow, peel-head turkey will vex

Meaning: Someone will resent criticism that is given to another person with similar problems

“If yuh nuh hab good fe sey, nuh sey nuh bad”

Translation: If you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything bad

Meaning: Keep your mouth shut if you have nothing good to say

“When man lib well, ‘im tell cow ‘howdy'”

Translation: When a man lives well, he tells a cow, ‘How do you do’

Meaning: A person who has no work to do will go into the pasture and say ‘Good Morning’ to a cow. Used against idle people who waste your time

“Whatever come light, curve round brick”

Translation: Whatever comes light will curve around a brick

Meaning: Anything that is easily acquired is easily lost

“Puss bruk coconut in a yuh yeye”

Translation: The cat broke a coconut in your eye

Meaning: Used as a reproach to a bad mannered person

“A nuh same day leaf drap it rotten”

Translation: It is not the same day a leaf falls, that it rots

Meaning: Meant as a threat against one who tries to take advantage of another’s misfortune, implying that the unfortunate one is not entirely helpless

“Hungry mek monkey blow fire”

Translation: Hunger makes the monkey blow fire

Meaning: When people are in need, they are forced to become resourceful and learn new habits

“When man dead lie down ‘pon him back, dem put ‘pwoil milk over him head”

Translation: When a man is dead upon his back they put spoiled milk over his head

Meaning: People often take advantage of someone who is feeble and unable to defend himself