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“Cause parrot mek noise, dem sey a ‘im one nyam banana”

Translation: Because the parrot makes a noise, they say that he is the only one that ate the banana Meaning: More than one person may be involved in a crime, but the one who talks too much gets caught

“Gi a man mi haas, ‘im waan saddle to”

Translation: Give a man my horse, he wants a saddle as well Meaning: When you help out someone once and they continually come to you for more handouts; refers to persons who are not willing to help themselves after getting a start in life

“If yuh nuh hab good fe sey, nuh sey nuh bad”

Translation: If you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything bad Meaning: Keep your mouth shut if you have nothing good to say

“Fowl gwen fat, ‘im begin fram him toe”

Translation: If a fowl is going to be fat, he begins at his toe Meaning: A person’s adult characteristics are formed in childhood

“When service ova, de church door shut”

Translation: When the service is over, the church door is shut Meaning: Typical of people that lavished all they have on others, and when the money is finished, everyone leaves them

“Learn fi dance a yaad before yu dance abraad”

Translation: Learn to dance at home before you dance abroad Meaning: Make sure you know what you are doing before you expose it to others

“Play fool fi ketch wise”

Translation: Act foolishly to catch the wise Meaning: To feign ignorance to one’s own benefit

“A nuh ebry fish a sea a shark”

A nuh ebry fish a sea a shark Translation:  It is not every fish in the sea is a shark Meaning: Don’t make assumptions about people based on where they live

“De wisest man sometime tun fool”

De wisest man sometime tun fool Translation: The wisest man sometimes turns foolish Meaning: No matter how wise you are, there are times when you can do foolish things

“Don’t mek goat watchman fe breadfruit tree”

Don’t mek goat watchman fe breadfruit tree Translation:  Don’t make a goat the watchman for a breadfruit tree Meaning: Don’t put an unsuitable person in an important position