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“Cow ded him lef’ trouble gi cow-skin”

Translation: When a cow dies, he leaves trouble for the cow skin Meaning: Make sure that you take care of your personal business before you die, so that those you leave behind are not inconvenienced

“‘T’ank yuh’ nuh buy ‘alf bit bread”

Translation: ‘Thank You’ can’t buy a half bit’s (approx 4.5 pence) worth of bread Meaning: Applied to one who expresses obligation for a service instead of paying for it

“Bit bit mek pound”

Translation: Many bits (approx 4.5 pence) make a pound Meaning: Small amounts of money saved over time will eventually grow to a larger amount

“Quattie bread fill monkey belly”

Quattie bread fill monkey belly Translation: A quattie’s worth of bread will fill a monkey’s stomach Meaning: The poor are easily satisfied

“Han’ go, packie cum”

Han’ go packie cum Translation: A hand goes (out) and a packet comes back Meaning:  When you reach out a helping hand, good things come back to you

“Daag sey him won’t work; him wi’ siddung an look, fa him mus’ get a libin”

Translation: The dog says he won’t work; he will sit down and look, for he must get a living Meaning: Some people prefer to wait on others to give them handouts instead on working for their own money

“Dawg say if ‘im ‘ave money, ‘im would buy ‘im owna flea”

Dawg say if ‘im ‘ave money, ‘im would buy ‘im owna flea Translation: The dog says that if he had money, he would buy his own fleas Meaning: When some people get money, they waste it on unnecessary things

“Kitchen dressa fawl dung, mawga dawg laaf”

Kitchen dressa fawl dung, mawga dawg laaf Translation:  Kitchen dresser falls down, meagre dog laughs Meaning: When one receives an unexpected fortune

“Feas’ tiddeh, famine tomarro”

Feas’ tiddeh, famine tomarro’ Translation: Feast today, famine tomorrow Meaning: Save some of what you have today, because you don’t know what tomorrow brings

“Daag hab money, ‘im buy cheese; lose ‘im money, ‘im beg de clot'”

Daag hab money, ‘im buy cheese; lose ‘im money, ‘im beg de clot’ Translation: A dog who has money will buy cheese; when he loses his money he will beg the cloth Meaning: When a poor person gets money he may spend it foolishly, but when he loses it he gets desperate and begs for scraps