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“Mi neva bawn wen mi madda gone a market”

Translation: I was not born when my mother was gone to the market Meaning: I am not stupid

“If ‘peech wurt a shillin’, silence wurt a pound”

Translation: If speech is worth a shilling, silence is worth a pound Meaning: While talking might be beneficial, sometimes silence is more important; Silence is golden

“De tune yuh playing nuh de one I dancing”

Translation: The tune you are playing is not the one I am dancing to Meaning: The situation that you are in, I don’t want to be a part of it

“Before dawg do widout ‘im suppa, ‘im nyam cockroach”

Translation: Before a dog goes without his supper, he will eat cockroaches Meaning: When times are hard, people will make do with whatever is available

“Yuh nuh no how parson get ‘im gown”

Translation: You do not know how the parson got his gown Meaning: Do not be envious of other people’s success; you don’t know what they may have gone through to achieve their goals

“Beg wata cyaan bwile cow ‘kin”

Translation: Begged water cannot boil cow skin Meaning: You can’t beg enough water in which to boil cow skin, so you need look for some for yourself

“Belly full, pitata ave ‘kin”

Translation: When one’s belly is full, potato has skin Meaning: In times of plenty, people are selective; When we are not in need we find fault with common things

“Whatever come light, curve round brick”

Translation: Whatever comes light will curve around a brick Meaning: Anything that is easily acquired is easily lost

“Hungry mek monkey blow fire”

Translation: Hunger makes the monkey blow fire Meaning: When people are in need, they are forced to become resourceful and learn new habits

“Play fool fi ketch wise”

Translation: Act foolishly to catch the wise Meaning: To feign ignorance to one’s own benefit