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“Crab nuh walk nuh get fat; walk too much, ‘im lose ‘im claw”

Translation: A crab which doesn’t walk doesn’t get fat; if it walks too much it loses its claw Meaning: If you don’t seek out opportunities you won’t be successful, but don’t overdo your activities as you might end up in trouble

“If yu fraid a yeye, yu cyaan nyam hed”

Translation: If you are afraid of (fish) eyes you cannot eat the (fish) head Meaning: To achieve a goal, very often you have to experience unpleasant or difficult challenges first

“Nuh one way deh fe hang daag”

Translation: There is not just one way to hang a dog Meaning: There are plenty of ways to accomplish a goal, not just the obvious way

“Bud fly too fast, pass im ness”

Bud fly too fast, pass im ness Translation: A bird that flies too fast, passes his nest Meaning: Don’t be too hasty in your actions as you might end up missing your goal

“Cyaan bury a man an lef out ‘im foot”

Cyaan bury a man an lef out im foot Translation: Cannot bury a man and leave out his feet Meaning:  Whatever task one is doing always make sure it is complete

“If yu bawn fi heng, yu cyaan drown”

If yu bawn fi heng, yu cyaan drown Translation: If you were born to be hanged, you cannot drown Meaning: Whatever is your destiny, it will be fulfilled

“Ants falla fat”

Ants falla fat Translation: Ants follow fat Meaning: Prosperity comes with hard work

“If yuh cyaan walk fas’, teck time run”

If yuh cyaan walk fas’, teck time run Translation: If you can’t walk fast, take time and run Meaning: If you haven’t mastered the basics of a task, don’t rush to do the harder parts

“Nuh bady neva kick ded dawg”

Nuh bady neva kick ded dawg Translation: No one kicks a dead dog Meaning: A person who is aspiring usually gets criticised

“When cocoa ripe, it mus’ bus'”

When cocoa ripe, it mus’ bus’ Translation: When a cocoa (pod) is ripe, it must burst Meaning: When the time is right, the results will show