human choroinic gonadotropin

“Belly full, pitata ave ‘kin”

Translation: When one’s belly is full, potato has skin Meaning: In times of plenty, people are selective; When we are not in need we find fault with common things

“‘T’ank yuh’ nuh buy ‘alf bit bread”

Translation: ‘Thank You’ can’t buy a half bit’s (approx 4.5 pence) worth of bread Meaning: Applied to one who expresses obligation for a service instead of paying for it

“Quattie bread fill monkey belly”

Quattie bread fill monkey belly Translation: A quattie’s worth of bread will fill a monkey’s stomach Meaning: The poor are easily satisfied

“When plantain wan’ ded, ‘im shoot”

When plantain wan’ ded, ‘im shoot Translation: When a plantain wants to die, it shoots Meaning: The life of a plaintain tree is over when it has borne a single bunch of plantains. Someone’s greatest accomplishment might be their last.

“How wata waak go eena pumpkin gut”

How wata waak go eena pumpkin gut Translation: How water gets inside a pumpkin Meaning: Some procedures are difficult to figure out

“Who hab teet’ fe nyam corn, it nuh grow a dem door”

Who hab teet’ fe nyam corn, it nuh grow a dem door Translation: Those who have teeth to eat corn, corn never grows at their door Meaning: He who has the ability never gets the opportunity

“Far pass mek ockra pwoil”

Far pass mek ockra pwoil Translation: Far pass makes ockra spoiled Meaning: Those who live too far apart cannot help each other in time of trouble

“Saltfish siddung pon di counta a wait fi bread and butta”

Saltfish siddung pon di counta a wait fi bread and butta Translation: Saltfish sits down on the counter awaiting bread and butter Meaning: Lazy people wait for rewards to come to them without any work on their part

“Pudden cyaan bake widout fiah”

Pudden cyaan bake widout fiah Translation: A pudding cannot be baked without fire Meaning: You need the right tools to be successful at any job

“One one coco full basket”

One one coco full basket Translation: Gathering one coco at a time will fill the basket Meaning: Success does not come suddenly, it takes time