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“Cause parrot mek noise, dem sey a ‘im one nyam banana”

Translation: Because the parrot makes a noise, they say that he is the only one that ate the banana Meaning: More than one person may be involved in a crime, but the one who talks too much gets caught

‎”Pig ask ‘im Mumma wha mek har mout’ long so; Mumma sey, ‘No mind pickney, yuh a grow, yuh wi see'”

Translation: The pig asked his Mother why her mouth was so long; Mother said, ‘Don’t worry child, you are growing, you will see’ Meaning: Eventually children will learn about the challenges of life

“Crab sey ‘im nuh trust nuh shadder after dark”

Translation: The crab says he does not trust any shadow after dark Meaning: Don’t be too eager to make assumptions when the situation is uncertain. Also expressed as “Crab sey ‘im nuh trust nuh shadder after dark, not even ‘him brudder-in-law, Lobster” What he thinks is a shadow of a claw, may be a man’s […]

“Before dawg do widout ‘im suppa, ‘im nyam cockroach”

Translation: Before a dog goes without his supper, he will eat cockroaches Meaning: When times are hard, people will make do with whatever is available

“Gi a man mi haas, ‘im waan saddle to”

Translation: Give a man my horse, he wants a saddle as well Meaning: When you help out someone once and they continually come to you for more handouts; refers to persons who are not willing to help themselves after getting a start in life

“Beg wata cyaan bwile cow ‘kin”

Translation: Begged water cannot boil cow skin Meaning: You can’t beg enough water in which to boil cow skin, so you need look for some for yourself

“If yuh cuss Johncrow, peel-head turkey wi bex”

Translation: If you curse John-Crow, peel-head turkey will vex Meaning: Someone will resent criticism that is given to another person with similar problems

“When man lib well, ‘im tell cow ‘howdy'”

Translation: When a man lives well, he tells a cow, ‘How do you do’ Meaning: A person who has no work to do will go into the pasture and say ‘Good Morning’ to a cow. Used against idle people who waste your time

“Puss bruk coconut in a yuh yeye”

Translation: The cat broke a coconut in your eye Meaning: Used as a reproach to a bad mannered person

“Hungry mek monkey blow fire”

Translation: Hunger makes the monkey blow fire Meaning: When people are in need, they are forced to become resourceful and learn new habits